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 E308 - Microsoft Press Conference - Guitar Hero World Tour

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PostSubject: E308 - Microsoft Press Conference - Guitar Hero World Tour   Tue Jul 15, 2008 5:36 am

Another game shown today during Microsoft's E3 press conference was also a highly anticipated game with its series played by many people no matter if they hated or loved rock and roll, Guitar Hero's newest entry, Guitar Hero World Tour. Everyone sees this new game in the series as a rip-off of the popular Rock Band franchise. While the drums and vocals may make it seem like its competitor's,the design of the drum-set and the fact it has five buttons instead of four keep it true to the Guitar Hero franchise. GH WT will include online multiplayer like its last game Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock had on the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii with a new song-writing mode where players can create their own songs and share them with people all over the world via "Guitar Tunes" which might be similar to an Itunes on GH WT and a new mode called "Battle of the Bands" which was released today and was told it was going to have 4 on 4 mayhem where the two bands compete against one another to see who rocks the hardest. GH WT is said to have 85 songs at the start of the game with an exclusive downloadable content that will arrive on the Xbox marketplace around the time after GH WT arrives in stores like 3 hits from REM's latest album and Metalica's newest album that will be featured in the game around the time of the album's release. So pop in your GH3 and rock on online while you wait for GH WT to hit stores so you can take on the whole world with your awesome band and battle for supremacy. There is no official release date for Guitar Hero World Tour but it should be hitting shelves around Q4 of '08 for Xbox 360,Ps2,Ps3, and Wii. Hint:get it for xbox lol. Well be sure to stay tuned on TGN The Gamers Nation for more news on E3 till its finish this Thursday July 17 so you can keep track of all your favorite games.


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E308 - Microsoft Press Conference - Guitar Hero World Tour
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