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PostSubject: E308-Microsoft Press Conference-Lips   E308-Microsoft Press Conference-Lips Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2008 2:37 am

At the MS conference a new singing karaoke style game was show to the fans called Lips. Lips is basically what it seems like, a singing game. They were shown a trailer where a man started to sing to impress this woman and then she had joined along in the fun. The whole party was jamming to the song until the woman plugged in her Zune! She then started to sing one of the songs which were supposedly from the zune to show that the songs will be endless as long as you got your zune to plug in. Although ti seems like your run of the mil "Rock the mic" for ps2 or "Boogie" for Wii but with the Xbox-Zune connectivity. They then had the superstar Duffy come out and sing her hit single "Mercy" which is featured on Lips. Lips is still TBA at the moment but will be an Xbox 360 exclusive. Remember to stay here on TGN for anymore E3 updates for Lips or any other game announced during this week's E3 expo.

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E308-Microsoft Press Conference-Lips
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